You must be 18 years or older to purchase an animal, if you are under 18 then please have a parent or guardian contact us for payment and shipping.

Please contact us with the ID# of the animal you are interested in purchasing. Note that discussing or inquiring about an animal does not secure that animal. All sales are first come/first serve, unless previously discussed. once an invoice is sent to you, you will have 24 hours (unless otherwise discussed) to pay in full or you will forfeit temporary hold on the animal.

To put an animal on hold or setup a payment plan, we require a 25% non-refundable deposit. For any hold exceeding 30 days (not to exceed 60 days unless discussed) we require a 50% down payment. There is a 25% nonrefundable fee for the cancellation of any purchase or hold already paid in full.


We welcome payment plans and can work directly with you to determine a good time frame and payment schedule, please contact us if you would like to work out a payment plan.

All animals must be paid in full prior to shipping, we accept payment through square Invoice (most major cards accepted). Please contact us if you wish to pay using a different method and will we do our best to work with you.

Any reversed payments will result in permanent ban from further purchases and could be subject to legal action.


Shipping throughout most of the United States is $35-70 given location, to exclude some parts of Alaska (if you are ordering from Alaska please contact us prior so that we may contact our shipper for information on your location). Shipping charges will differ on  location, so please contact us for a shipping quote.

We do not ship to Hawaii due to legal regulations. Please know your local and state legislation before making purchases, some animals may require permits to keep. We will do our best to let customers know if their state has restrictions but we will not be held liable for seized animals or illegal activity.

We ship all animals through Reptiles2you, which is available throughout the United States and Canada. Exporting is available to some countries at the request and expense of the customer, contact us directly for further details on exporting if needed.

All animals are shipped overnight, with the option of Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday shipping, upon the request and availability of the customer. Shipping address and date of shipping will be confirmed with the customer prior to shipping. Extreme weather will delay shipments, we will not ship in temperatures above 95 degrees or below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. In colder or hotter temps a heat/cold pack will be included in your order to ensure the safety and health of our animals.

You must be present to accept the package, do not let your animal sit on the porch all day as this will void the live arrival guarantee. We will work directly with the customer to ensure we only ship on days when the customer will be available to accept the package. If you will not be available please request that the package be held at your local hub for pickup.



Open the box immediately and place your animal(s) in it's enclosure with a suitable hide, heat, and water. Try not to excessively hold the animal(s), they are scared and stressed and need a quiet place to calm down from the shipping experience.

Any shipping concerns or immediate problems need to be reported to us immediately, within 12 hours of arrival. We guarantee that your animal(s) will arrive alive and healthy. ANY problems need to be immediately addressed via email. Upon the arrival of a sick or deceased animal we will require full color images of the animal(s) as well as photos of all sides of the shipping box to include its interior. DO NOT wait to contact us with any problems. In the unlikely event that your animal arrives deceased, we will either replace the animal or refund the customer.


We guarantee the health of our animals for 15 days, regardless of species or age. If you have ANY problems with your animal(s) please contact us as soon as possible to address the issue. We are always here to help out and answer questions, whether you purchased an animal from us or not, we will try and help.

If we cannot solve the problem, the animal will need to either be returned to us for a full refund or seen by a licensed exotic veterinarian to deem the health status of the animal.


Please have the proper lighting and/or heat ready for your animal prior to shipping, we will not replace animals that have been burned or killed due to inadequate heating standards. We require that heating pads and heat tape be used with a thermostat, death or burns from heating pads is extremely common when the temperatures are not regulated. If you need assistance or advice with heating don't hesitate to contact us.

If you are unhappy with the coloration or pattern of your animal please contact us. If you are uncertain about color prior to ordering, feel free to contact us for additional photos in varying light sources. We will be more than willing to get you additional photos.

Unless specifically noted in the sale, we do not guarantee the sex of our animals.  Sexed animals are guaranteed for up to 3 months following a sale. If you notice that the sex of your animal is incorrect please contact us right away and we can work on finding a solution.


Upon ordering an animal(s), you have consented to our terms and acknowledged our policies. Please make sure you read the complete terms and policies prior to ordering. This will ensure the best communication between both parties.

If you have any problems or concerns please contact us immediately, we are always willing to work with our customers.

Little Fires Gecko House reserves the right to deny the sale of any animal as we see appropriate.

Policies & SHIPPING